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[platform-oam.git] / INFO.yaml
2019-11-14 Bryan SullivanUpdate Vineet's ID 07/5907/1
2019-11-08 Bryan SullivanMerge "Add container tag for global-jjb docker template"
2019-09-27 Bryan SullivanAdd Vineet as committer 02/5402/1
2018-09-14 Bryan SullivanMerge "Updated ELK stack to implement log standards"
2018-09-10 parichay guptaMerge "Added Jira ticket Number in release notes."
2018-09-07 parichay guptaMerge "Updated user guide"
2018-09-06 parichay guptaMerge "Updated ELK stack image version to 1.18"
2018-08-20 Aimee UkasickMerge "Added query for solution revision table"
2018-08-16 Aimee UkasickMerge "Update ELK queries for db version 1.17"
2018-07-26 Aimee UkasickMerge "Increase heap max size for elasticsearch,logstash"
2018-07-10 Vanessa Rene Valde... Add INFO.yaml file 74/2274/2