2020-05-20 Eric ZRemove legacy comment; no license limit 54/7954/1 master
2020-01-15 Eric ZLicense text issue in image specific model repos 85/6285/2
2019-10-02 Eric ZMerge "Adding Dockerfile to webdemo"
2019-05-30 justin14Adding Dockerfile to webdemo 52/4552/1
2019-05-30 justin14new model runner content type/accept header 05/4405/2
2018-10-12 Eric BallAdd Sonar properties to pom.xml 68/3168/1
2018-10-04 Eric BallAdd pom.xml for Sonar scan compatibility 53/3053/1 athena
2018-07-29 Eric Zupdate demo page and add object drawing capability 28/2428/1
2018-07-12 Eric ZMerge "addendum to prior change for github compatibility"
2018-07-12 Eric Zaddendum to prior change for github compatibility 10/2310/2
2018-07-12 Eric ZMerge "Tiny HTTP server that sets CORS header"
2018-07-12 Lott, Christopher... Tiny HTTP server that sets CORS header 05/2305/2
2018-07-11 Eric Zimprove protobuf transparency in test harness 96/2296/1
2018-07-09 Aimee UkasickMerge "documentation (go to RST), prune deprecation"
2018-07-05 Eric Zdocumentation (go to RST), prune deprecation 16/2216/3
2018-07-03 Eric ZMerge "Add INFO.yaml file"
2018-07-02 Lott, Christopher... Use "face privacy" in headings 90/2190/1
2018-06-29 Jessica WagantallAdd INFO.yaml file 42/2142/5
2018-06-15 Eric Zimprove documentation and command line usage 90/2090/1
2018-06-04 Eric Zmodification for face recognition utility 18/2018/4
2018-06-04 Eric Zi/o for single image, js update (CORS+generalize) 15/2015/4
2018-05-07 Eric Zconvert protobuf i/o to flat,row-like data 89/1789/1
2018-03-30 Eric Zrevise doc text to have good catalog text primer 18/1518/1
2018-03-24 Aimee UkasickUpdate doc titles for display 72/1472/1
2018-03-23 Eric Zpurge non-compliant and unused images 18/1418/1
2018-03-21 Eric Zupdate demo image, small docs typo, proto method 68/1368/1
2018-03-20 Eric Zadd dependency to face processing model 65/1365/1
2018-03-14 Eric Zadd package dependency missed by auto-inspection 03/1303/2
2018-03-02 Bryan SullivanAdd licenses 23/1023/12
2018-03-02 Eric Zcode changs for multiple protobuf models 68/1168/1
2018-03-02 Eric Zallow multiple protobuf models to be loaded 64/1164/1
2018-03-01 Eric Zenable direct protobuf response for face models 53/1153/1
2018-02-27 Eric Zupdate for tox testing and some docs 16/1116/6
2017-12-04 Eric ZMerge "- push attributes per org request"
2017-11-30 Eric Z- push attributes per org request 29/129/1
2017-11-28 Eric Z- push dummy setup utility for permissions scan 16/116/1
2017-11-21 Eric ZMerged in hotfix/license (pull request #7)
2017-11-21 Eric Zavesky- license addition and header addition
2017-11-21 Eric ZMerged in hotfix/requriements (pull request #6)
2017-11-21 Eric ZMerged in hotfix/auth_arg (pull request #5)
2017-11-21 Eric Zavesky- add auth arg
2017-11-19 Eric Zavesky- update docs
2017-11-19 Eric Zavesky- switch to requirements.txt now that there are
2017-11-18 Eric ZMerged in hotfix/refactor_docs (pull request #4)
2017-11-18 Eric Zavesky- minor doc fixes
2017-11-18 Eric Zavesky- refactor docs following other model examples
2017-11-17 Eric Zavesky- quick fix of flub for path extraction
2017-11-17 Eric ZMerged in feature/simplify_run (pull request #3)
2017-11-17 Eric Zavesky-simply run process to not need external script
2017-11-17 Lorraine A. WelchMerged in lb2391_rst_creation (pull request #1)
2017-11-17 Eric Zavesky- attempt symlink to most recent documentation
2017-11-17 Eric Zavesky- minor update to bring in sync with main readme
2017-11-17 lorraineawelchChanges needed by the Linux Foundation; needed
2017-11-17 Eric ZMerged in feature/rename_update (pull request #2)
2017-11-17 Eric Zavesky- comment update, no fx
2017-11-17 Eric Zavesky- serialize face cascade to avoid filesystem
2017-11-16 Eric Zavesky- fix i/o to match more consistent dataframe
2017-11-14 Eric Zavesky- first pass as rename and dependency update
2017-10-19 Eric Zavesky- commit resized main family photo
2017-10-19 Eric Zavesky- update with new open source images, minor
2017-10-18 Eric Zavesky- minor addition to the web demo writeup
2017-10-18 Eric Zavesky- update for correct parameter naming matching
2017-10-18 Eric Zavesky- add web demo for face privacy
2017-10-17 Eric Zavesky- not active, but possibly use msg wrapping
2017-10-17 Eric Zavesky- adapt the models into base64 encoded images
2017-10-17 Eric Zavesky- first pass at app endpoint simulation
2017-10-16 Eric Zavesky- scap the fancier stuff because bitbucket
2017-10-16 Eric Zavesky- minor revamp of pixelate code for better sizing
2017-10-16 Eric Zavesky- fix width/height confusion, add new pixelate on
2017-10-16 Eric Zavesky- no code change, demo before/after with image
2017-10-16 Eric Zavesky- add face pixelate model for train/evaluate
2017-10-15 Eric Zavesky- add first pass for testing server, does not act
2017-10-15 Eric Zavesky- initally push for face detection model in
2017-10-12 Eric Zavesky- initial commit, nothing to see but a scaffold