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2018-07-29 Eric Zupdate demo page and add object drawing capability 28/2428/1
2018-07-12 Eric ZMerge "Tiny HTTP server that sets CORS header"
2018-07-11 Eric Zimprove protobuf transparency in test harness 96/2296/1
2018-06-04 Eric Zmodification for face recognition utility 18/2018/4
2018-06-04 Eric Zi/o for single image, js update (CORS+generalize) 15/2015/4
2018-03-02 Bryan SullivanAdd licenses 23/1023/12
2018-03-02 Eric Zcode changs for multiple protobuf models 68/1168/1
2018-03-01 Eric Zenable direct protobuf response for face models 53/1153/1
2017-10-19 Eric Zavesky- update with new open source images, minor
2017-10-18 Eric Zavesky- add web demo for face privacy