Remove legacy comment; no license limit
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2018-03-02 Bryan SullivanAdd licenses 23/1023/12
2017-12-04 Eric ZMerge "- push attributes per org request"
2017-11-28 Eric Z- push dummy setup utility for permissions scan 16/116/1
2017-11-21 Eric ZMerged in hotfix/requriements (pull request #6)
2017-11-19 Eric Zavesky- switch to requirements.txt now that there are
2017-11-17 Eric ZMerged in feature/simplify_run (pull request #3)
2017-11-17 Eric Zavesky-simply run process to not need external script
2017-11-17 Eric ZMerged in feature/rename_update (pull request #2)
2017-11-14 Eric Zavesky- first pass as rename and dependency update
2017-10-17 Eric Zavesky- first pass at app endpoint simulation
2017-10-15 Eric Zavesky- initally push for face detection model in
2017-10-12 Eric Zavesky- initial commit, nothing to see but a scaffold